ATLAS (Aid To LGBTQ Asylum Seekers)

Most LGBT refugees come from countries where being gay is considered a crime. Upon reaching Europe these refugees are forced to live in overcrowded camps and shelters with fellow nationals where harassment and bullying is common. Zaatar’s goal is to provide this vulnerable group with much needed support, provided in Arabic and Farsi, by: Teaching refugees and the broader communities about LGBT rights Advising them of LGBT-friendly NGOs .

Helping LGBT refugees establish community groups (in- person or virtual) so they can meet others facing the same issues, and form friendships. Fostering a mentoring program facilitated by volunteers who speak Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish, French and English. and identify as LGBT themselves, and who guide and teach refugees and vulnerable individuals about LGBT rights and connect them with appropriate resources.

Organising LGBT social events to assist people to meet each other Reaching out to refugees in camps and informal settlements, making sure that they know of our services, contact numbers, and Facebook group Ensuring that our volunteers are LGBT friendly.

by: Zaatar



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